DIA’s explores how bad records can ruin good mailing data

At the November 15th DIA meeting, Kristi Kanitz revealed the benefits of validating mailing addresses.
At the November  DIA meeting, speaker Kristi Kanitz revealed the benefits of validating mailing addresses.

The November 15th meeting of the Digital Imaging Association (DIA) was themed When Dirty Data Gets You Down! It posed this question: Is your mailing list currently characterized as “garbage in garbage out?” The truth is that validating mail addresses not only benefits the mail marketing campaign by improving deliverability and open rates, it also protects the sender’s reputation. Unless it’s from your client or IT department (who swears it’s the best data you’ve ever seen and perfect in every way), then what do you do? Do you send it back, or spend hours trying to fix it yourself? Kristi Kanitz, General Manager of Flagship Software (Richmond Hill, Ontario) and Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Major Mail Users, took attendees on a tour of the “inner city of addressing.” From entry errors to questionable queries, to droves of duplicates, she explained how bad records can ruin extremely good data. She then revealed proactive ways to avoid creating these problems, as well as best practices for dealing with the ones that do make it through. In short, attendees discovered the best strategies on how to clean their “dirty data.”

DIA Annual General Meeting set for December 6

Please park your calendar now for the DIA’s Annual General Meeting and Christmas Luncheon to be held Wednesday, December 6 at the Boulevard Club in Toronto. For more information and to reserve a table, please e-mail Marg Macleod at marg@digitalimagingassociation.com.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.