Imprimerie Bourg Royal installs two Standard/Horizon finishing systems from KBR Graphics Canada

KBR Canada Vice-President Karl Belafi Jr. (left) and Yves Paquet, President of Imprimerie Bourg Royal, with the Standard/Horizon CRF 362 Creaser/Folder.
KBR Graphics Canada Vice President Karl Belafi Jr. (left) and Yves Paquet, President of Imprimerie Bourg Royal, with the Standard/Horizon CRF 362 Creaser/Folder.

Imprimerie Bourg Royal, a full-service printing company located in Quebec City, Quebec, recently installed two Standard/Horizon finishing solutions – a creaser/folder and an inline bookletmaking system – from KBR Graphics Canada, the exclusive Canadian distributor for Standard/Horizon Finishing Systems. The three generations of the Paquet family that still to this day all work together at Imprimerie Bourg Royal, invested in a Standard/Horizon CRF-362. The Creaser/Folder will handle the shop’s unique commercial requirements of creasing and folding digital colour output across a wide range of coated and uncoated lightweight and heavyweight stocks. Creasing and folding will now be accomplished much easier and more efficietly in one pass for accurate processing of a variety of applications – such as restaurant menus, greeting cards, book covers, and many types of marketing collateral. “Attaining an accurately finished product is categorically the most important step the production of digitally printed material. The CRF-362 is an excellent fit for Imprimerie Bourg Royal and we’re so pleased on how the operators have easily taken to the equipment, and have hit the ground running,” said Karl Belafi Jr., Vice President of KBR Graphics Canada.

Standard Horizon SFC/FC200A Bookletmaking System with VAC-1000.
Standard Horizon SFC/FC200A Bookletmaking System with a VAC-1000 Collator.

The company also purchased a new Horizon SPF/FC-200A Bookletmaker with a VAC-1000 Collator. This upgrade replaced a 20-year-old Horizon system. The SPF/FC-200A is a high-performance inline bookletmaking system with collating, stitching, folding and fore-edge trimming. Outputting up to 4,500 books per hour,  it features 200-programe job memory storage for instant recall, and an icon-based touchscreen for fast, easy job set-up. The 10-station VAC-1000 Collator features a patented rotary-pulse vacuum feed system, “providing flawless feeding on virtually any stock” at speeds up to 9,900 sets per hour. The system is expandable from one to six towers, with the ability to run the system in both directions at full-rated speed.

Standard Horizon CRF 362 Creaser/Folder.
Standard Horizon CRF 362 Creaser/Folder.

In 2009, Imprimerie Bourg Royal shifted its production to digital, which meant to them the next generation of printing. Yves Paquet, President of Imprimerie Bourg Royal, added that their mission is to provide customers with print quality and impeccable service in the shortest possible time at competitive prices. The company continues to stay ahead through forward thinking, while remaining on the lookout for technological innovations and new products. Over the years, they’ve invested in cutting-edge technology – and with this most recent purchase of the CRF-362 Creaser/Folder and the SPF/FC-200A with VAC-1000, they’ve already seen a boost in productivity while producing exceptional, high-quality products. With 40 years of dedicated sales and service support, KBR Graphics Canada is a major supplier to the Canadian printing industry. The company offers a wide spectrum of graphic arts equipment – from RMGT-RYOBI MHI offset presses, to print-finishing and bindery solutions from major manufacturers, including Standard/Horizon.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.