SinaLite adds more high-end Agfa technology with major installations

Sinalite’s John (left), Large Format Operator, and Asim, Large Format Supervisor, with the new Jeti Ceres RTR3200 LED Wide-Format Printer from Agfa Graphics Canada.
Sinalite’s John (left), Large Format Operator, and Asim, Large Format Supervisor, beside the new Jeti Ceres RTR3200 LED Wide-Format Printer from Agfa Graphics Canada.

Less than 20 years ago, SinaLite (Markham, Ontario) had a basic two-colour press and a small storefront. Today, the company has evolved into one of Canada’s leading trade printers with several high-end presses, a full bindery, a production facility in excess of 100,000 square feet, over 140 employees and one of printing’s most popular websites – With its technology partner Agfa Graphics Canada, it’s continued to expand its inventory of new presses and platemaking systems, improve print quality and reduce turnaround times. In doing so, it’s established a reputation as one of the top go-to companies for print brokers, graphic designers, sign shops and label printers across the country.

Mike Meshkati.
Mike Meshkati.

For example, in August of 2015, SinaLite doubled its signage and banner production capacity with the installation of a new Jeti Titan HS (High-Speed) flatbed UV-inkjet printer from Agfa Graphics Canada. “Our number one goal at Sina is simple – to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices,” said President Mike Meshkati. “We also know how important turnaround time is. We can now offer a wide range of signage products to our clients with next-day delivery.” Agfa Graphics’ Titan HS prints up to 1,723 ft.2/hr. on a full range of media including coroplast, vinyl, canvas and foamboard. It was the ideal complement to SinaLite’s existing Jeti Titan UV HDC (High Definition Colour).

Technology makes the difference. To expand further, Sina recently added more Agfa technology in the form of an Agfa Jeti Ceres and an Avalon N8-80 XT CtP Engine. These recent installs were yet another example of how a continuing, 5-year collaboration with Agfa Graphics Canada is taking SinaLite to the next level of production efficiency, ultra-fast turnarounds, and ultimately, improved customer satisfaction and retention. The Jeti Ceres is Agfa Graphics’ roll-to-roll printing solution ideal for mid-end to high-end roll-media printing of all types, powered by Asanti workflow technology and compatible with PrintSphere. The Ceres features extremely low ink consumption for faster printing with fewer passes. Equipped with 6 UV LED-cured colours, plus white and primer as options, it provides high image quality on a wide variety of flexible substrates suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sina’s new Avalon N8-80 model for the 8-up or B1 market comes in three different speed options (E, S, and XT). Its engines are equipped with the latest GLV (Grating Light Valve) imaging technology, featuring both the GLV and a solid-state diode bar, and up to 1,024 beams in the XT model. To reach an unparalleled throughput speed of 70 plates per hour, printers can combine the Avalon N8-80 XT with Agfa Graphics’ Energy Elite printing plates. SinaLite also uses Azura TU Plates that eliminate chemicals such as developer, replenisher and rinse water, while reducing waste and the disposal costs associated with it. With increased plate sensitivity, long bath life and up to 240 lpi, Azura TU covers all sizes of sheetfed presses – from B2 up to sheetfed format 6 and 7 for book and display printing. In combination with the Azura CX clean-out unit, water consumption can be reduced by more than 95% compared to other conventional processing systems.

Ongoing tech support a key. “At the end of the day, we chose Agfa technology not just for its print quality and durability, but also for the after-sale tech support and service,” Meshkati added. “Their service is local, most parts are local, and their staffers always do their best to keep us satisfied. This is a solid partnership that we’ve built up over the past five years. As far as equipment, the bottom line is that each model has its own distinct advantages. For example, the Titans are excellent for mid-level production and the quality they produce is exceptional. Our new Jeti Ceres and its dual-roll capability, along with its fast speed and UV technology, also produce high quality output. Specifically, the Ceres allows us to produce vinyl signs at rapid speeds and pass along the savings to our clients. The Titan HS is also giving us the speed to produce flat output at lower costs, so we can pass along those savings to our clients as well. Both devices, of course, significantly reduce turnaround times. This is extremely important, especially to our print-broker clients.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.