TC Transcontinental – RBW Graphics invests in Goss M-3000 upgrades

Goss Sunday M-3000 Press.
Goss Sunday M-3000 Press.

TC Transcontinental – RBW Graphics, specializing in print, flexible packaging and publishing, recently completed a suite of upgrades to its Goss M-3000 Press at its RBW Graphics Facility in Owen Sound, Ontario. The project consisted of a drives and controls system upgrade, an Omni Make-Ready bundle, and ink-fountain rebuilds. The drives and controls upgrade involved replacing existing consoles with new Omnicon and Omnicolor consoles, new Siemens PLC CPU hardware, controllers and drives. Goss technicians rebuilt the ink fountains on 8 existing units and added new 4-channel and 16-channel driver boards, embedded controller boards, ink fountain balls, and single-piece ink keys. Additionally, the Omni Make Ready package, a combination of hardware and software functions designed to reduce waste, helps to achieve the printer’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The company added that these upgrades ensure the long life of the Goss M-3000 while increasing productivity, improving waste reduction and reducing unscheduled press downtime.

“We’ve invested a significant amount of money into this press to ensure longevity and reliability,” said Ted Schneider, Maintenance and Engineering Manager at RBW Graphics. “The new upgrades will also help to gain efficiencies and help to provide consistency in quality. By adding the Omnicon control system to this press, it aligns with the operating platforms on our other Goss Sunday presses which all run on the Omnicon system. This was a large project, but because of the Goss technical staff and project manager, this upgrade was implemented with minimal issues. Feedback from our staff was very positive and appreciative of the Goss support on this project.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.