FSEA partners with Channeled Resources Group on major sustainability initiative

The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA, Topeka, Kansas) has announced a new partnership with Channeled Resources Group (CRG, Chicago, Illinois) to help eliminate used or obsolete rolls of hot and cold foil from the waste stream. CRG has qualified this by-product as feedstock for energy with two current partners. One partner in Green Bay, Wisconsin, mixes these materials with other non-recyclables and then shreds it before extruding it into fuel pellets. The pellets are burned in a commercial boiler and the energy is sold to the grid. The other partner located in Gary, Indiana, shreds materials to fluff, which is then used as an alternative to coal in a limestone kiln. “Our research has found that any type of trucking/shipping costs involved with the foil waste will be similar to landfill costs, or even less, depending on the location,” explained Calvin Frost at CRG. “And, best of all, it will create a sustainable choice for FSEA members and others.”

“We’re very excited to work with Calvin Frost and CRG on this project,” said FSEA Executive Director Jeff Peterson. “We’ve been working to find alternatives to the landfill for foil waste for several years, and the partnership with CRG is a great start in this initiative.” FSEA provides a wide range of resources from cost-saving programs and educational opportunities to green initiatives proving the sustainability of foil-decorated paper and board. The organization strives to provide its members with ideas, resources and solutions to grow in today’s marketplace. Channeled Resources Group includes two well-respected brands to further boost its collective strength in meeting its customers’ needs – GMC Coating and Atlas Adhesive Tape.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.