Sappi unveils new educational website SappiPops to help printers, marketers, creatives and designers

Patti Groh.
Patti Groh.

Sappi North America (Boston, MA), a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper and packaging products, has launched a new educational website, The new site is designed for printers, marketers, creative and designers looking to innovate in their respective areas of expertise. “Sappi’s marketing leadership, insights and analysis now have one convenient online home – which will be updated regularly with case studies, industry trends and insights, paper inspiration, free resource downloads and more, the company added. “Sappi has a longstanding history of educating and inspiring creative thinkers from around the world through print resources,” said Patti Groh, Director of Marketing Communications at Sappi North America. “As a thought leader in this space, we hope that this site will become the go-to resource for those looking to make a greater impact in their marketing campaigns. SappiPops will allow us to showcase some of our most insightful projects in a dynamic and digestible way, demonstrating that print through sensory engagement and improved recall is essential to memorable brands.”

The site has launched with two feature stories: Haptics: The Science of Touch and Direct Mail in a Digital Age. Haptics will explore how marketers can use the sensory experience of touch to influence customers. As a medium that’s made a comeback in recent years as the technological landscape has evolved, Direct Mail will provide users with the tips and insights to ensure that their efforts deliver results. Over time, SappiPops will expand to address challenges facing marketers in an ever-evolving landscape by delivering fresh content and perspectives. The name SappiPops was inspired by “big ideas that empower Sappi’s work” – the Power of Paper, the Power of Print, the Power of Packaging – all fitting under a short acronym with a lot of punch or POP. Corporately, the new site will further differentiate Sappi by continuing to elevate its position as “a marketing innovations partner through owned content and thought leadership.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.