GMG releases expanded ColorPlugin 1.3 for RGB-to-multicolour separations

Colour management experts GMG have further expanded their plugin for Adobe Photoshop in Version 1.3. Now, colour-accurate separations from RGB into multicolour colour spaces are possible – with up to seven colours. This is based on GMG OpenColor separation profiles. “By using separation with the ChannelExtender, image data can be flexibly adapted to the printing process used,” said GMG Product Manager Peter Schöffler. The conversion can be switched on or off at any stage during image processing. This way, the final result can be directly simulated at any stage of processing.

A further innovation allows its ColorBoost function to render images more saturated and more vivid. Its flexography function, MinDot Adjust, is now also available for defining the tonal-threshold value for spot colours. The Set-With-Curve option ensures the capture of gradient details when doing so. In addition, MinDot Adjust can now also be used on hidden or locked layers. Also, with GMG ColorPlugin 1.3, individual channels can be exchanged or removed entirely or selectively. The automatic compensation by the remaining channels, ensures colour consistency when doing so. It’s also possible to make a colour-accurate conversion between a range of colour spaces – in the Pro version – also based on a self-created colour profile.

GMG is a leading developer and provider of high-quality colour-management software solutions. The company was founded in 1984 in Tübingen, Germany. It’s focused on delivering complete solutions for the standardization and simplification of colour-management workflows, to achieve consistent colours on all media and in every print process. Today more than 11,000 of its systems are in use worldwide.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.