PressWise to exhibit major new software enhancements at Dscoop Dallas

PressWise by SmartSoft will be demonstrating the latest enhancements to its all-in-one web-to-print, MIS and Workflow Automation solution at Dscoop’s Unleashing Print, Inspiration Experience exhibition in Dallas, Texas. Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) is a community for forward-thinking printers that use HP graphic arts equipment and technology such as HP Indigo. Members give and receive help, collaborate, shares ideas, learn, and grow their businesses. The convention, which runs March 25 – 28, 2018 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, and will attract print professionals, designers, marketers, brand owners and creatives from the digital print and design communities. The conference is one of the printing industry’s largest annual gatherings.

PressWise by SmartSoft (Booth 49), will be demonstrating the results of its past few months of software development and enhancements. PressWise is a print shop management system designed to help printers grow their business while eliminating touch points from their workflow through an end-to-end, cloud-based print MIS and production automation platform. Some of the new features and enhancements that will be shown at Dscoop Dallas will include:

  • PrinterPresence Integration. This new API integration with PrinterPresence storefronts from Firespring, lets PressWise capture order information, payments and shipping information from PrinterPresence stores, augments that with product-specific production information, and injects the order into production with the associated artwork – without the need for any manual intervention. These orders are now able to take advantage of the PressWise automated workflow.
  • New Reporting and Analytics Engine. The new, embedded reporting and analytics engine will give users greater flexibility to create custom reports, letting them produce interactive web reports in a visual, intuitive way while providing multiple export options when viewing reports (including PDF, Excel and other formats).
  • Purolator Integration. For customers using Purolator as a shipping carrier, PressWise now offers full integration with Purolator – including rate quotes, label printing and tracking.
  • Other Enhancements. Soft proof watermarking, updates to the product template editor, and the addition of an External Payment Reconciliation tool, are all recent additions to the PressWise system. Customers that process payments outside of PressWise, but would like to use Customer Statements and account aging calculations, can now clear those invoices without interfering with their payment system of record.
Joe Lehn.
Joe Lehn.

“We’re excited to be presenting PressWise to this vibrant Dscoop community,” said Joe Lehn, Director of Product Management for PressWise, who’ll be attending Dscoop with the PressWise team. “Events like this aren’t just about sales, but about building relationships with our current and future collaborative partners – our customers. There isn’t a system out there that can do everything for everyone, and needs are always changing. We need to collaborate with our customers, and listen to how they’re developing and diversifying their businesses so that we understand what PressWise needs to do to continue supporting them in the best way possible.”

PressWise is an end-to-end SaaS-based MIS and Print Workflow Automation solution that comes complete with robust features such as unlimited web storefronts, estimating, quoting, order processing, workflow management, complete shipping integration, fulfillment and the ability to integrate with most other third-party storefronts (including PrinterPresence, PTI, Pressero, PrintNow, PixFizz, PageDNA, RedTie, Prisme, and more), as well as existing back-end accounting systems.

SmartSoft provides desktop and enterprise-level workflow solutions for print management, postal address correction and postal discounts. Its products include the AccuMail suite of data and address correction and verification software, the all-in-one mailing software solution, SmartAddresser 5, the IM barcode mail tracking service MailSpotter, and the end-to-end print workflow solution, PressWise.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.