Imprimerie Reflet installs Standard/Horizon Folder and Creaser/Folder systems from KBR Graphics

Imprimerie Reflet co-owner Pierre Méthot with his new Standard/Horizon AFC-566FG Folder and CRF-362 Creaser/Folder from KBR Graphics.

Imprimerie Reflet (Boucherville), a renowned Quebec trade printer, has expanded its productivity and in-house services with the addition of two folding systems from KBR Graphics, the Canadian distributor for Standard/Horizon Finishing Systems. Founded in 1995, Imprimerie Reflet serves a variety of markets with both digital and offset presses, and has a wide range of finishing options. Four years ago, the company installed (and are successfully running) an RMGT 9 Series automated sheetfed offset press – which was the first in North America to feature LED-UV instant curing technology. With LED-UV, no drying time is required and sheets are ‘finish-ready.’

Standard/Horizon AFC-566FG Folder.

“To say this press delivered us a new competitive advantage is really an understatement,” said Pierre Méthot, co-owner of Imprimerie Reflet. Since the RMGT 9 Series press expanded its capabilities by printing on ultra-light to extra-thick stocks, and by tripling its production capacity, Imprimerie Reflet needed superior finishing solutions to keep up with production. With the addition of the AFC-566FG Folder and the CRF-362 Creaser/Folder, Méthot noticed an immediate impact on productivity. “With greater speeds and full automation, we’re now even more competitive in the marketplace. We’re not only operating faster and more cost-effectively, we can now handle complex work that we previously would have turned away or sub-contracted out,” he added.

Standard/Horizon CRF-362 Creaser/Folder.

The AFC-566FG is a folder that utilizes easy-to-use advanced set-up automation, including gap settings of all common fold formats and sheet sizes. The folder was designed for ultra-quick changeovers and can handle sensitive, digitally-imaged sheets without marking, enabled by specially-formulated combination roller and scoring systems. It’s equipped with 6 fold plates, which allows a wide variety of fold patterns in a minimum amount of floor space, at speeds up to 42,000 sheets perhour.

The CRF-362 is a creaser/folder designed to handle  the unique requirements of creasing and folding digital colour output across a wide range of light and heavy weight stocks, coated or uncoated. Creasing and folding can be done in one pass for easy and accurate processing of a variety of applications. Capable of up to ten crease lines on a single sheet, the system uses impact-scoring technology that eliminates or minimizes cracking. The system allows for easy set-up and changeovers and can handle paper weights up to 400 gsm, and sheet sizes up to 14.33″ x 34″, at speeds up to 5000 sheets per hour. “We can now easily produce tricky, complex jobs much faster – which is especially important for us when running digital and short-run jobs through it.” Méthot added. KBR has worked with Imprimerie Reflet since its early days in business. “We’re so pleased to see them continuously grow and pursue innovative technologies that keep them ahead of the game. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them,” said Karl Belafi Jr., Vice-President at KBR Graphics.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.