Pitney Bowes launches SendPro Enterprise

Pitney Bowes (Stamford, Connecticut), a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of ecommerce, shipping, mailing and data, has announced the launch of SendPro Enterprise – a cloud-based multi-carrier and PC postage software solution that gives enterprises greater visibility and control of all shipping and mailing activity and spending. “With many locations to oversee, from the mail centre, to the office, to satellite locations and remote employees, maintaining cost controls over shipping and mailing can be challenging,” said the company. “Pitney Bowes now offers a simplified way to manage these expenses, enhance flexibility and improve profitability by streamlining shipping with a growing portfolio of innovative ‘sending’ solutions.

SendPro Enterprise is ideal for organizations with multiple locations and remote employees. The SaaS (Software as a Service) solution:

  • Reduces overspending by providing each user the tools to select the right carrier option for each package.
  • Increases visibility and control by consolidating all shipping activity and costs across the entire organization on one dashboard.
  • Brings multi-carrier shipping and PC postage to every employee’s desktop, no matter if they’re working in the office or remotely.
  • Simplifies shipping payments with consolidated billing.
  • Delivers reporting with a clear ‘analytics dashboard’ that informs shipping decisions to reduce operating costs and speed-up deliveries.
  • Together with Pitney Bowes’ flexible payment solutions, SendPro Enterprise enables clients to strengthen their expense and cash-flow management for improved profitability.
Jason Dies.
Jason Dies.

“SendPro Enterprise is another significant milestone in the evolution of office shipping and mailing, and demonstrates how Pitney Bowes has transformed itself into a growth business,” said Jason Dies, President, Pitney Bowes SMB Solutions. “Pitney Bowes is leading the way in simplifying the complexities of shipping packages and parcels for businesses of all sizes. Not only do we provide great shipping solutions for our small business clients and more than 250 retailers around the world, we’re now able to simplify shipping for our enterprise clients with SendPro Enterprise.”



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