U.S. inventor seeks licensing and partners for new envelope printer

Paul Onish's new desktop flatbed envelope printer.
Paul Onish’s new desktop flatbed envelope printer.

Inventor Paul Onish (Princeton, New Jersey) was recently awarded a U.S. Patent (#9,747,531) for his unique design of a flatbed desktop envelope printer. The low-cost device is aimed at Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) and Home-Office-Based Businesses (HOBB’s). It can also be built to meet specific market needs. The patented Envelope Printer design is now available for license consideration by any manufacturer, retailer or distributor that has a large base of SMB and/or HOBB customers.

This new printer includes several key features:

  • Holds 250 envelopes (#10 or various European sizes) in the rear cartridge tray.
  • Accommodates multiple-sized envelopes.
  • Can be rotated 90 degrees to connect and print large manila envelopes (e.g. 10” x 12”).
  • Eliminates the need for users to swap-out copy paper and insert envelopes as needed to print, then return paper to continue document printing.
  • Prints on paper from 20 lb. up to 200 lb. as well as small (6” x 2-3/4”) personal cheques or other stiff documents.
  • The standalone flatbed engine can be either an inkjet device or a laser device.
  • It can print an address, a return address and a USPS electronic postage stamp in about two seconds without crushing, crunching or crumbling the paper.
  • Wi-Fi enabled, it can operate using standard USB 2 or USB 3.
  • Also available with a low-voltage power supply.
Paul Onish.
Paul Onish.

Onish is a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology with a BSEE and has been designing printers, computer peripheral equipment and software for several years. He’s also the sole owner of the patent and can modify the printer for a specific uses.

“Multiple software companies that print documents and envelopes globally have told us that they have no issue in modifying their printer drivers to accommodate this new flatbed printer,” said Onish. “This is true for the North American market (including the SMB and HOBB segments) and globally, on all continents. As long as they have software that can print envelopes, this patented product has the ability to print an envelope faster, cheaper and without labels or paper crushes.”

For more information please visit www.EnvelopePrinter.Biz.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.