ATS-Tanner releases new banding machine for corrugated

Printed corrugated cardboard samples banded with the ATS-US-2000 TRS-SW-L3-P-900 Banding Machine.
Thin strapping with protective cardboard (left) on printed corrugated cardboard output can now be quickly and easily replaced with banding (right) using the ATS-US-2000 TRS-SW-L3-P-900.
The new ATS-US-2000 TRS-SW-L3-P-900 automatic banding machine.
The new ATS-US-2000 TRS-SW-L3-P-900 automatic banding machine for corrugated cardboard applications.

Swiss-based banding specialist ATA-Tanner has released its S-2000 TRS-SW-L3-P-900 banding machine that accepts corrugated cardboard from a stacking system, while also featureing a manual feed option. This new, fully automatic, labour-saving device can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems. “When it comes to bundling and packaging high-quality printed cardboard stacks, thin straps with protective cardboard and labour-intensive packing into boxes are now a thing of the past,” said the OEM. The corrugated cardboard stacks can be quickly aligned on all sides, compressed and banded either once or twice. A servo-band motor makes it possible to individually adjust the band tension for different products to ensure that the banded goods aren’t damaged during the packaging process. The maximum tact frequency is 22 stacks per minute. ATS-Tanner Canada is located in Oakville, Ontario.

Key user benefits include:

  • No edge damage on the uppermost and bottom-most products and no scratches on any printed surfaces
  • Banding with paper or film and bundling of all types of cardboard
  • Zero damage technology with corresponding financial benefits
  • Less waste and lower production costs
  • Less over-production of high-quality printed folding boxes required to replace damaged ones
  • Faster cleaning and maintenance as the machine unit can be extended from the system for improved access
  • Faster format adjustments
  • Uninterrupted production
  • The system can be easily integrated into current production lines

This 3-minute video illustrates its advantages


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.