Miip unveils MiipCam Mini-Web Inspection System

Miip, a Montreal-based specialist in web inspection technology for the printing industry, has released its new miipCam Mini Web Viewer – a new web inspection system for printers and converters. Most flexo printers use a web viewer camera or registration camera to inspect their print in real time. Without it, print quality and production speed could suffer. “Production managers are inconvenienced when a camera stops working, and results in myopic operators printing at crawling speeds,” said the OEM. “Repair times can be long and require multiple visits by technicians in order to complete the job, resulting in lost productivity. Today’s solution for printer uptime is the miniaturization of a new miip Web Viewer. This new miniaturized model makes it practical to immediately send a replacement camera as needed, and cuts down on installation time. Miniaturization increases portability, and this creates new product uses.”

The miipCam Mini Web Viewer.
The miipCam Mini Web Viewer.

Features of the new miipCam Mini Web Wiewer include:

  • LED illumination that works on the most reflective surfaces
  • Unlimited position and label row scan
  • Distortion-free image quality
  • Remote control UI for easy operator mobility

Camera miniaturization also decreases production costs, using less electronics, wiring, enclosures and labour. This translates into important cost savings for miip’s customers, the company added. Miip is a Canadian manufacturing company founded in 2015 by the Gal family, focused on technology to solve vision problems in the printing industry. “Current web viewers and registration cameras on the market are bulky, outdated and overpriced. Our miipCam Mini changes all that,” said George Gal, President and Founder of miip. “This new model simplifies service problems and allows new uses for the camera. An operator can easily move the camera to a different print station or press for one specific job, which was not easily done before.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.