Neenah introduces 100% pure cotton papers

Neenah (Alpharetta, Georgia) is expanding its cotton fibre paper category by adding new Neenah Cotton Papers – a 100% cotton paper line manufactured by the paper mill. The company has been producing pure cotton papers since the late 1870s. “Neenah Cotton Papers truly represent everything Neenah brings to the art and science of papermaking – impeccable quality and superior craftsmanship,” said Ellen Bliske, Senior Marketing Manager at Neenah. Created especially for letterpress design, modern correspondence and special events, the new papers “provide the feel of fabric, a handmade aesthetic, and the natural strength to sustain letterpress, engraving and foil stamping, as well as offset and digital printing.”

Ellen Bliske.
Ellen Bliske.

Available in four shades of white and three subtle colours, the papers represent an ideal palette for modern design applications as well as personal and business correspondence. Its three ‘on-trend’ colours include Mint, (the “it” colour for the 2020’s), Blush (a fresh take on millennial pink), and an elegant and timeless Gray. The new papers are offered in a Smooth, Wove and Letterpress finish. “The luxuriously soft Letterpress finish is un-sized and un-calendered, resulting in an extra toothy, handmade feel that’s rare and special,” Bliske added. The Letterpress Digital finish is offered in 90 and 110 Cover and has been engineered to perform on the latest digital presses.

With a full range of available weights, Neenah Cotton Papers are ideal for all types of applications including birth announcements, party invitations, business cards, personal stationery, business correspondence, letterhead, holiday cards and more. They’re also naturally sustainable, made from cotton linters – a byproduct of the cotton industry recognized by the EPA as recovered fibre. “As a leading maker of cotton fibre papers for well over a century, the introduction of Neenah Cotton Papers represents our love for paper and our enduring legacy brought to life,” said Bliske.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.