Over 300 million packaging jobs processed by Esko customers in last 12 months

Esko has reported that in the past 12 months, over 300 million packaging jobs were processed through Esko software workflows – a staggering number that reflects a significant increase over the previous 12 months.

Udo Panenka.

“When we listen to our customers, they indicate the need to speed up time-to-market without any sacrifice in quality, while keeping costs in check,” said Udo Panenka, Esko’s President. “This explains the growing trend to adopting workflow automation. Our more than 3,000 workflow customers around the globe confirm how their businesses are transforming, thanks to Esko’s workflow automation, collaboration and integration with MIS/ERP systems.” Esko added that it’s “amassed a unique portfolio of standard solutions that provide the industry’s strongest base for a streamlined packaging ecosystem. It covers the entire packaging supply chain and supports all the critical processes associated with the efficient production of packaging.”

“Esko’s Packaging Connected truly is transforming the market,” Panenka added. “Process automation, seamless collaboration and implementing an end-to-end strategy of the packaging lifecycle are critical to achieving the objectives of brands and converters alike. This is the digital transformation the market demands – and one that our customers benefit from. The 300-million figure confirms it.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.