SAi’s subscription-based software model surpasses 10,000 users worldwide

SA International (SAi, Salt Lake City, Utah), a leading provider of software solutions for the sign-making, digital printing and CNC machining industries, has announced that users of its flagship software-by-subscription initiative now number well over 10,000, as purchases recently surpassed the 10,000+ user milestone during the second quarter of this year. Introduced by SAi only four years ago, the model remains “the first and only one of its kind worldwide that enables users to access RIP software via low-cost monthly subscription and cloud-based downloads.” SAi’s landmark 10,000th subscription is from its Flexi family and was purchased by Rocken Graphics, a print shop specializing in the mobile carnival and amusement markets, based in Gibsonton, Florida.

Mark Blundell.
Mark Blundell.

Since SAi introduced the subscription model, sign and display companies around the world have achieved greater cost control and flexibility, and automatically benefit from having the very latest updates. “This achievement is a fitting testament to the way in which SAi’s subscription-based initiatives present increased and quantifiable benefits to sign industry customers around the world, who continue to enthusiastically embrace the model,” said Mark Blundell, SAi CEO. As well as improved cost management, subscribers can also take advantage of a Cloud window that links locally-installed software to the Cloud to enable file storage, image sourcing and other web-based services. The SAi Cloud mobile app enables on-the-move Job Report viewing, so managers can monitor production while away from the office or production plant. SAi’s Flexi sign-making solutions, as well as the company’s EnRoute CNC cutting software, are both available via its subscription-based model.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.