SoOPAK installs new MK Promatrix 106 CS Die Cutting and Embossing System

The MK Promatrix 106 CS provides SoOPAK with additional speed and efficiency for faster turnaround times.

SoOPAK (Mississauga and Scarborough, Ontario), a leading North American short-run offset packaging specialist, has boosted output in its post-press department with the installation of a new MK Promatrix 106 CS Die Cutting and Embossing System. SoOPAK is using its new system to reduce excess paper, produce custom dies, and fabricate embossing details for its customers’ print packaging projects. Since SoOPAK produces a variety of packaging, the new Promatrix 106 CS’s ability to handle substrates (from 65-lb. text to 48-pt. board and offer a maximum sheet size of 29.92” x 41.7”) provides much greater flexibility. The cutting section on the machine contains a thin plate and micro adjustment in which no hand tools are needed to unlock the cutting tools.

SoOPAK also chose the new MK Promatrix 106 CS because of its smart automation and intelligent operator support. SoOPAK’s post-press team now has additional time for other important tasks such as production monitoring, speed optimization and quality control. Faster productivity is also enabled by its non-stop delivery with rolling carpet, elevation kit and miniature carton attachment, gripper reopening in case of misaligned sheets, and adjustable electro-mechanical double-sheet detection. Machine operatorsalso have more time for production monitoring and quality control due the MK Promatrix 106 CS’s motorized cutting pressure adjustment and non-stop delivery with rolling carpet. Other features include a belt table with suction belts, central roller and brush adjustment, register system up to the stripping station, and cutting plate fine adjustment in the cutting station. Quick-lock frames with fine adjustment in the stripping station also guarantee shorter set-up times. A quick-lock chase enables faster make-readies.

YaJun (Carol) Jiang.

“As a specialist in short-run packaging, SoOPAK takes great pride in its ability to deliver fast turnaround times for our diverse customer base,” said YaJun (Carol) Jiang, President. “In our effort to continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, we’re always investing in new technology. The MK Promatrix 106 CS provides us with additional speed and efficiency to deliver faster turnaround times for our customers. It’s able to output more orders at 8,000 sheets per hour with shorter set-up times – as opposed to our older system that could output 7,700 sheets per hour.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.