X-Rite launches ColorCert QA quality control software for printers and converters

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in colour science and technology, and Pantone LLC, have announced the launch of ColorCert QA – a new pressroom quality assurance software designed to drive excellence in the pressroom by helping manage standards more efficiently, optimize jobs on press, and facilitate strong ink-room integration. “With improved quality control, commercial and packaging printers can reduce the time and complexities associated with managing colour standards and minimize waste, ultimately reducing reprints and rejections and increasing the number of jobs they’re able to run per shift,” said the companies.

Ray Cheydleur.

“As run lengths and delivery times continue to grow shorter, press operators can no longer afford to adjust colour with multiple trial-and-error corrections,” said Ray Cheydleur, Printing and Imaging Product Portfolio Manager at X-Rite. “ColorCert QA provides valuable information essential for an efficient pressroom. Not only does the software indicate pass/fail when measured colour is compared to the colour standard, but it also provides guidance on actions that press operators can take to ensure that jobs meet colour expectations. This significantly reduces trial-and-error adjustments, saving time and reducing waste.” ColorCert QA is part of the ColorCert Suite, a modular set of tools to streamline colour communications, provide actionable data for colour adjustments and enable better utilization of existing people, processes and technologies throughout the print and packaging workflow. The new ColorCert QA module supports a non-job-based workflow, helping achieve colour accuracy and consistency, especially when used in conjunction with an X-Rite eXact hand-held spectrophotometre.

Key features of ColorCert QA include:

  • BestMatch technology provides colour data in a visual format that press operators can easily understand and act upon.
  • A Search-and-Find application for use during standard creation to notify a user of existing standards within a selected Delta E. This reduces overlapping standards that are within a narrow Delta E range.
  • Ink-room integration, including the sharing of CxF files directly to X-Rite Ink Formulation software, to provide digital colour measurement data when ink reformulation is required.
  • Direct integration with PantoneLIVE, an end-to-end colour communication ecosystem that ensures Pantone colour consistency from design through final production, by setting achievable expectations of the entire supply chain.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.