Highcon launches new range of consumables

The Highcon (Yavne, Israel) launch of its new range of consumables this week is for the OEM’s digital cutting and creasing machines. Following in-depth analysis of customer use and implementation of the Highcon Euclid and Beam machines around the globe producing a wide range of applications, its Customer Success Department has learned that the majority of clients produce short-run to medium-run lengths where set-up times are critical to productivity. Many also requested the ability to re-use the Highcon Dart foils (on which the creases are written) for repeat jobs. This, said Highcon, led to the development of two new consumables’ lines – Highcon Dart Premium consumables and Highcon Dart Economy consumables. Highcon Dart technology, implemented in the Dart resin, Dart foils and Dart counter, opens up a wide range of digital potential to the previously analogue process. The digitally-driven rule-shape (geometry – cross-section) and dimensions (height versus width) can now be automatically adapted (and if necessary by grain direction), depending on the application or substrate thickness. Also, since there’s no die-cutting form and the two processes of cutting and creasing are separated on the Highcon machines, there’s no restriction to cutting or etching on a crease. The new consumables have been developed to offer important advantages when handling paper, folding carton or corrugated boards.

The Highcon Euclid III.

Highcon Dart Premium Consumables offer:

  • Reusable foil up to 5 times that reduces costs for faster ROI – up to 50,000 sheets
  • Rapid writing of rules ( under 10 minutes for first job and under 5 minutes for re-use)
  • Wide substrate gamut – paper or folding cartons up to 600µ and corrugated up to 3mm (Euclid IIIC only)
  • Savings of up to 80% on consumables for rapid machine ROI

Highcon Dart Economy Consumables are ideally suitable for:

  • Short runs – up to 5,000 sheets
  • One-time use
  • Substrates up to 450µ
Yariv Ben-Yosef.

“Since I joined Highcon a year ago, my team has been working closely with all our customers to improve productivity and ensure that they get the best out of their machines,” said Yariv Ben-Yosef, Highcon V.P. of Customer Success. “These new consumables’ packages are a great demonstration of how our collaboration with our customers leads to new products, tailored to their success.” Delivery of the new consumables range for the Highcon Euclid III and IIIS is scheduled to begin in December of 2018. Release for Euclid IIIC and Beam machines will be during 2019, the company added.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.