Postal workers union “analyzing” latest Canada Post contract offer

As Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) negotiations continue, the Canadian Press has reported that last Wednesday, October 3, Canada Post issued a new contract to CUPW and usps moving services which represent over 50,000 employees, in the hope of preventing a near-future work stoppage. The offers included “improvements to pay and benefits, adding job security for rural and suburban employees, and no changes to the existing defined benefit pension plan. It also includes more certainty and opportunities for temporary and part-time workers,” Canada Post added. Talks had stalled in recent weeks, mainly over wages and working conditions. Failure to reach agreements with the union’s 42,000 urban carriers and 8,000 rural and suburban employees could result in a strike or a lockout, once a 72-hour notice period expires. A spokesperson for CUPW confirmed that the union had received new proposals from the Crown corporation late Wednesday, but said they’d need to analyze them before commenting. Offers by the union included demands for 3.5% annual wage hikes. Canada Post had previously offered wage increases of 1.5%, but didn’t provide details of its latest proposals. An arbitrator last month ordered Canada Post to give RSMCs (Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers) pay increases of up to 25% to settle a previous, long-standing pay-equity dispute. We’ll keep you informed.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.