Epson adds voice activation to some of its consumer printers

Epson America (Long Beach, California) has announced that its EcoTank, WorkForce and Expression consumer printers with Epson Connect technology are now compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice-activated printing. Built on its existing Epson Connect service, the technology allows Amazon account holders to conveniently deliver voice commands (such as “Alexa, ask Epson printer to print”) to process a variety of documents – including shopping and to-do lists, craft items and calendars using Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. In addition, with Amazon’s new Skill Connections feature, customers can print from select skills, such as

Jack Rieger.

“In the ever-expanding world of IoT, Epson voice-activated printing is another way to increase productivity and connectivity, ensuring the latest technologies work together effortlessly to benefit our customers’ busy lives,” said Jack Rieger, Senior Product Manager of Software and User Experience at Epson America. “With the Epson printer skill, we’ve made printing as easy as having a conversation. Voice-activated printing is the next smart convenience in today’s smart home.” By integrating fast printing via voice commands, Epson allows busy families to multitask better and get more out of their day, the OEM added. Epson voice-activated printing is currently available with Alexa and can be found in the Alexa Skills Store via the Alexa app, or on Once enabled, customers just need to say “Alexa, open Epson Printer” to get started. Epson plans to include support for multiple voice assistants by early 2019.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.