Velox attracts $32 million in investments for its disruptive industrial DTS digital printing technology

The Velox IDS250 Digital Decorator can operate at a full production speed of up to 250 containers per minute.
Velox technology delivers high quality digital decoration at full production speeds.

Velox (Rosh Ha’Ayin, Israel), developer of the world’s only mass-production, direct-to-shape (DTS) digital printing technology, has completed a $32 million funding round that was co-led by JAL Ventures and O.R.T. Technologies, and joined by strategic investors Altana, Evonik and existing investors Michael Ilan Management & Investments, Dr. Shlomo Shamir, and other private investors. With equipment now commercially deployed, and multiple high-value strategic global accounts secured, Velox is currently seen as a major player in this industry segment. Velox’s uniquely formulated inks and proprietary printing process enables it to take digital printing from the domain of special-editions-only into the mass-packaging-decoration market. Velox technology, specifically the Velox IDS250 Digital Decorator, can operate at a full production-line speed of up to 250 containers per minute at high quality, printing 15 colours simultaneously with embellishments – including photorealistic images, tactile embossing, no seam and tube-to-cap printing. “This means that, for the first time, brand owners can conceive of a design for mass production without limitations,” the OEM added.

Velox said that it will use part of this investment to further fuel its technology development, but the majority will be used to accelerate market penetration and customer acquisition. “Velox’s industrial digital decoration solution offers an end-to-end replacement to existing decoration technologies in terms of quality, production speed, and total cost of ownership – in addition to utmost agility and efficiency.”

Velox Co-founders Adrian (left) and Marian Cofler.

“This investment signifies a new chapter in the company’s evolution and will be used to accelerate our go-to-market strategy, as well as strengthen our technology leadership,” said Marian Cofler, Velox’s CEO and Co-founder. “We’re proud that such a group of strategic and financial investors have demonstrated their faith in Velox and its future.” Velox develops and manufactures industrial-grade, direct-to shape digital decoration solutions for the rigid container industry. Its proprietary DTS-Inkjet technology, based on uniquely formulated inks and dedicated deposition architecture, “introduces an entirely new and disruptive approach to digital printing in the packaging decoration market. Velox’s industrial-grade digital decorator delivers, at full production speed, superior decoration quality and capabilities that outstrip the benefits of analogue printing solutions, while allowing a more efficient and flexible production process and a low total cost of ownership,” the company added.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.