Idealliance Foundation establishes Idealliance Award at Ryerson University

The Idealliance Foundation is a charitable organization established by Idealliance in 2005 to advance global educational, technical expertise, innovation and transformative initiatives that prepare graphic communications professionals for the next generation of technology, workflows, standards, specifications and global market trends to help guide them as they prepare to make their mark on our industry. The Foundation develops a vast depth of curriculum, training materials, programs and “the most recognized certifications in the world” to help propel the future leaders of our industry. It fulfills its mission by providing scholarships, training, certification, curriculum and support to students and educational institutions throughout the world where there’s a core focus on packaging, printing, publishing and media. The foundation is supported by contributions to the annual Franklin Luminaire Awards event, the Idealliance Global Benefactor giving program, sale of training materials, and other special sponsorship programs.

The Idealliance Award at Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM) in Toronto, was established to support the future leaders of our industry “for accessibility and inclusive education opportunities, especially to those in need of financial support,” said the organization. Ryerson’s School of Graphic Communications Management is the largest program of its kind in North America. GCM is currently celebrating 75 years in making a tremendous developmental impact on the future of our industry. In the fall of 2018, GCM accepted 195 first-year students from the more than 1,000 applications received. The school has an incredibly strong emphasis on hands-on learning and student engagement, as well as extremely successful extracurricular student programs. Ryerson University also has a global presence, a strong student base from all over the world, and 133 “partner universities” in 37 countries worldwide.

Timothy Baechle.

“The alignment in values and mission is quite extraordinary. We do a lot with Ryerson University,” said Timothy Baechle, CEO of Idealliance and President of the Idealliance Foundation. “We meet their students and faculty all over the world – and their focus on giving and family is something that’s in perfect alignment with who we are as an organization and a foundation. Their curriculum is also very unique in the fact that it prepares students not just for graphics communications, but business and the world, allowing them to be amply prepared for life after university,” he added.

About the Idealliance Foundation. The Idealliance Foundation is focused on being a global bridge for the future of our industry. As an organization, it’s deeply connected and focused on educational institutions all over the world. Its goal as a foundation is to provide access to all of its resources to help students prepare for the future of the printing industry and to help them to make their indelible imprint on our global industry. The Idealliance Foundation, as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is sustained by contributions, all of which are tax deductible.

If you would like to give in any way, in any amount, as an organization or an individual, please feel free to contact Timothy Baechle, Idealliance CEO, at or visit, or become a benefactor at


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.