Colter & Peterson introduces no-frills Dealermart

Colter & Peterson’s new online Dealermart offers equipment at virtually every price level.

Cutting specialist Colter & Peterson (West Caldwell, N.J.) has introduced Dealermart – an online source for print shop owners and dealers looking to purchase or sell finishing equipment with minimal conditions attached. Dealermart follows another new service the OEM recently introduced called CutterMart, that provides reconditioned or certified used paper cutters and offers customers protection with user-friendly warranties. Dealermart is different, in that it offers a wide selection of used machines at reasonable prices, but all will be sold without warranties.

Bruce Peterson.

“Dealermart is without a doubt our version of eBay,” said Bruce Peterson, President & CEO of Colter & Peterson. “Everyone has a price they’re willing to pay and Dealermart gives them an opportunity to buy a machine inexpensively, with no frills or warranties.” Peterson explained that the new concept is being launched due to market demand. Dealermart lists paper cutters and equipment that’s intended for dealer resale and/or bulk dealer purchases at discounted prices. “With Dealermart, we’re offering machines that were working when they were removed,” Peterson added. “Some may even have been taken apart and stored in a warehouse. There’s a paper cutter for everyone at almost any price if they have a limited budget. Everyone has his or her own price threshold. For example, there are people in the market who don’t worry about not having a warranty if they believe they’re a getting a great deal.”

Peterson went on to sat that his company is adjusting to the market. “It’s our hope that we can help assist dealers and other customers who may be having a difficult time finding the best machine for their application, or are having a difficult time selling their surplus machines. Not long ago, I received a phone call from a customer of ours who was downsizing and had three paper cutters to sell. With over 150 machines in our warehouse and a few just like his, we didn’t have a place for them at that time in our inventory. I’m sure there are others like him who’ve had a similar situation and need an avenue to sell some equipment. We hope Dealermart is that solution. Colter & Peterson has sold and installed over 10,000 machines in the last 80-plus years. I believe our reputation for taking care of customers and providing outstanding service has everything to do with our success today. Dealermart is the next step in continuing to give customers what they need to succeed,” he added.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.