Idealliance introduces step-by-step how-to Video Library

Idealliance (Alexandria, Virginia) has created a helpful new Idealliance Video Library that provides short videos in a how-to manner to explain to printers and other graphic communications professionals the leading practices to overcome the most challenging issues in areas such as colour control, process control, calibration, consistency, workflow and many more. A global, non-profit think tank with 12 offices worldwide, Idealliance is the largest certifying body in the world for industry competencies, systems, materials and facilities – and one of the world’s leading contributors to ISO standards. The Idealliance Video Library is a free and included benefit with Idealliance membership – and as part of that, is accessible for your organization’s entire team. Each video uses on-screen expert tutorials plus screen-share demonstrations that provide step-by-step tips and instructions. For example, the video on how to create PDF/X4 print-ready files will take viewers right into Photoshop and show exactly what to input and why for each step in the process – so you can follow along and re-create for yourself.

Steve Ballinger.

“As the industry leader in comprehensive certification training (both in-person with our G7 Expert and BrandQ training, and online with our Color Management Professional and Print Planning & Estimating training), we felt that there was an additional significant need for super-high-quality short videos that can help people overcome their biggest production hurdles,” said Steve Ballinger, Idealliance Vice-President of Strategy and Engagement. Ballinger added that viewers can also grow in their career with the utilization of a how-to video library that covers every step of a process – and is easy to follow and refer back to, when needing more explanations or insights at any time. Each month, new videos will be added as Idealliance continuously builds the library. Some of the short videos in the library currently include:

  • Adobe CC Suite Color Settings
  • Accurio Pro Cloud Eye Passing G7 Colorspace
  • Easy GRACoL Colorspace Verification
  • Easy PDF/X4 Print Ready Files
  • How To Pass GRACoL 2013 with EFI Colorsuite
  • How To Use Test Forms
  • Pantone Versus CMYK
  • Press Inspection Using A Gray Form
  • RGB Image Handling Basics
  • Simple Fiery Calibration
  • Simple G7 Master Submission
  • Using The TC1617 Color Characterization Chart
  • Why G7 And Gray Balance Matters
Jeff Collins.

“These videos solve real-world print manufacturing problems and can be used directly on the factory floor with tablets, smartphones or workstations,” said Jeff Collins Director of Print Technologies. “There’s no fussing around searching through outdated user manuals, or work instructions that often lack specificity and process flow. Best of all, they help reduce the costs of expensive on-site or off-site training and on-boarding, while improving the sustainability of production efficiencies.”

For membership questions and help with accessing resources, please contact Donna Komlo, Manager of Customers & Services, at (703) 837-1060 or e-mail To learn more about Idealliance membership, please visit To learn more about the Idealliance Video Library and provide suggestions on new videos you’d like Idealliance to create, please contact Jeff Collins, Director of Print Technologies, at (703) 837-1062, or e-mail


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.