INX partners with HAVI to bring natural-based inks for cleaner food service packaging to market

HAVI, an innovator in packaging for leading food service brands (with over 10,000 employees worldwide, and customers in more than 100 countries), has collaborated with INX International Ink Company to bring its INXhrc Inks to market – specifically acknowledging the inks’ 25%-30% lower CO2 footprint compared to conventional inks, as well as their reduced regulatory risk for brand owners and printers. INX added that HAVI’s endorsement of INXhrc inks represents another aspect of the cleaner food packaging movement and the principle of simplifying materials and chemistries for safer, more environmentally-friendly packaging.

INXhrc inks offer a number of advantages that reduce regulatory risks for brand owners and printers, while improving production efficiencies for printers and converters. “INXhrc natural-based water, solvent and conventional offset inks have had a far-reaching impact on the food packaging marketplace since they use fewer chemicals compared to traditional inks,” said the company. “INXhrc inks contains no allergens, nano-materials, fluro-chemicals, fanal pigments, heavy metals, latex or PTFE. By utilizing clean, bio-renewable and sustainable ingredients, they reduce CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions and annually replaced over two million pounds of petro-chemically derived resins, waxes and additives,” it added. In addition to the sustainability advantages, there are performance improvements. When combined with high-strength colour concentrates, the inks provide excellent resolution and transfer properties, increased ink ‘mileage’ and better production efficiency – leading to reduced resource consumption and waste generation.

John Hrdlick.

“INX International’s commitment to providing safe and sustainable product solutions can help printers and brand owners achieve sustainability goals, and consumers feel confident in their product choices,” said John Hrdlick, President of INX International. “We’re keenly aware of the impact we can have on consumer safety, brand marketability and the environment throughout a product’s lifecycle. Our INXhrc inks provide a path to measurable, reportable CO2 savings and ultimately help brands tell a richer sustainability story.”

Shane Bertsch.

“As a pioneer of clean packaging, HAVI is committed to not only improving the sustainability of food service packaging, but helping food service providers anticipate and stay ahead of consumer concerns about health and safety,” said Shane Bertsch, HAVI’s Vice President of Innovation. “Working with INX to bring natural-based inks to market has been a meaningful and insightful collaboration. Their expertise in ink formulation and printing has been critical to bringing this new product range to market. We look forward to further driving market innovation through our continued partnership.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.