GoTranscript updates Android App with new features for voice-to-text transcription

Many transcription service providers now have mobile apps for those working in different fields.

Transcription technology converts live or recorded audio speech into a written or electronic text document and was used predominately by journalists and medical professionals. However, recently more and more industries have started reducing hours of manually transcribing audio to text. Printing, education, business, TV/video, marketing, publishing and even social media industries are now using professional transcription tools and services as means of saving valuable time while improving accuracy. Many transcription service providers now have mobile apps for professionals working in different fields.

These include AI-based apps such as Otter, plus freelancer-driven services such as GoTranscript (Edinburgh, Scotland) who recently launched an updated version of its Android app. The improved GoTranscript is easier to use than its predecessor, with GoTranscript having condensed its User Experience (UX) into three steps. To begin the transcription process, users can simply download the app from the Google Play store and create or log-in to their GoTranscript account. Then they simply need to place their device where it’s needed and press the record button. The audio file will be saved into one folder, where users can upload it to GoTranscript’s servers. From there, a team of transcribers will tackle the task of transcribing the audio content and return it to the user 30 minutes faster than the previous app – thanks to the introduction of a new API for clients using mobile and desktop devices. The transcribed file will be stored in the same place as the original audio recording.

Peter Trebek.

“With our updated Android and iOS apps, we have also aimed for the smoothest UX possible, which is why our clients are able to upload and then receive their files in three simple steps,” said GoTranscript CEO Peter Trebek. In October of 2018, GoTranscript also introduced a new version of its iOS app for clients using Apple mobile devices. GoTranscript now provides users of both the Android and iOS app with the opportunity to have their transcription translated into 41 different languages. Founded in 2005, Go Transcript specializes in easy-to-use, human-powered transcriptions delivered online around the world.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.