Xerox releases Instant Print Kiosks in the U.S. to deliver new revenue streams to businesses

The home screen on the Xerox Instant Print Kiosk’s 10.1-inch touchscreen provides four choices, each of which guides users through intuitive, step-by-step instructions to quickly complete jobs. On-site assistance from a business’s support staff is rarely required, said Xerox.

Venues, businesses and university campuses frequented by mobile technology users can now generate a new revenue stream with the Xerox Instant Print Kiosk. The kiosk offers fast and easy access to popular cloud services and common printing, copying, scanning and faxing applications “making it the ideal self-serve solution for those on the go,” said the OEM. “Launching the Instant Print Kiosk is one of many efforts underway at Xerox to redefine – and add value – to the user experience. In this case, the kiosk is unlike traditional coin-operated printing and copying devices. Its high-speed cloud connectivity and wide-range of capabilities mean that more jobs are completed in record time, resulting in recurring revenue for kiosk owners.” Prime locations for the kiosk include high-traffic areas such as retail settings, hotels, airports, convention centers, libraries, and higher education institutions (for both student and faculty use). Added features include hole punching and stapling of up to 50 sheets. A variety of card-based payment options are supported – such as credit, gift and student campus cards.

Intuitive user experience. The kiosk’s large touchscreen provides intuitive, step-by-step instructions to complete and securely print jobs. As well, popular cloud sites including Dropbox, Electronics for Imaging PrintMe, Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint are easily accessible. The new mobile printing solution integrates remote device administration, payment transactions, accounting, cloud-based faxing and end-to-end data security protection. The Xerox Instant Print Kiosk is available now in the U.S. through Xerox and authorized agents. No information was released as to whether the Kiosks will be coming to Canada.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.