Artisan Complete installs three wide-format presses from Fujifilm

Artisan’s Vice President of Manufacturing Victor Jorge.

Artisan Complete (Markham, Ontario), a full-service print, design and production leader specializing in retail communications and branding, has installed two Onset X3s and an Onset R40i (also known as QR40) wide-format presses. Artisan Screen Print was founded in 1971 and today spans over 300,000 square feet in over four facilities. The company is a Canadian POP design and production leader with over 200 employees. Partnering with brands, retailers and advertising agencies, it designs and creates at-retail displays, signage and décor to create product awareness that drives sales at the point of purchase. It helps brands and retailers tell compelling stories while engaging with consumers in both traditional and non-traditional retail environments.

“We started in digital wide-format with the very first Inca Columbia Turbo in 2004,” said CEO Peter Balzer. “As our business grew, we upgraded to two Onset S70s, and they’ve since been replaced with the two Onset X3s. Speed to market is the solution our clients are looking for, and the X3s are fabulous machines that enable us to meet our clients’ expectations,” he pointed out.

Allen Lemieux, Vice President of Product Development, added: “The Onset X3s provide us the capability to print high quality photographic reproductions on non-flat surfaces, decorating directly onto these substrates, allowing for overall better flexibility, which we previously weren’t able to do.

Fujifilm’s Inca Onset R40i wide-format press.

“It’s very efficient to run digital,” added Victor Jorge, Vice President of Manufacturing. “We’re at near-litho quality with the X3s, they are workhorses, and with the R40i (QR40) we’re able to output white and orange for specialty work. Clients expect faster turnarounds and higher quality, which is why we’ve made huge investments in digital – because that’s what clients demand.”

Artisan is currently part of an elite group of print service providers in North America with three Onset presses under one roof. Additionally, the two Onset X3s include three-quarter automation, allowing for increased throughput by reducing manual handling. “The three-quarter automation on the two X3s is the best scenario for Artisan,” said Jorge. “We now have speed and quality, and are regularly running well over 200 sheets an hour – with upwards of 1,000 bed passes with a variety of substrates being a normal run.”

Fujifilm’s Inca Onset X3 wide-format press.

Artisan recently completed a “huge” campaign for a well-known global client, and successfully ran it on all three of its Onset presses. “With the two X3s, we were able to split the runs, with the exact same output,” said Jorge. “We also were able to run white on the R40i (QR40). The colours all matched, and we were able to meet the client’s deadline requirements. The Onsets have transformed our business greatly. We’ve been working with Fujifilm upwards of 20 years, and we have a great relationship,” he added.

The Inca Onset X3 is a market-leader within Inca Onset’s range of full-bed array wide-format UV flatbed inkjet printers. It also excels in throughput. Its 14-channel capacity features three sets of CMYK with the option of two white channels of ink or one channel of orange ink, as well as a 14-picolitre (R Class) drop size. The Onset X3 is capable of producing sellable output at speeds in excess of 9,600 square feet per hour (891 square metres per hour).


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.