C.P. Bourg debuts its Bourg Sheet Preparation Module at Dscoop Edge 2019

The Bourg Sheet Preparation Module.

At the recently concluded 2019 Dscoop Edge conference in Orlando Florida, global print-finishing leader C.P. Bourg unveiled its “groundbreaking” Bourg Preparation Module (BPM) – an industry-first innovation in print finishing designed for commercial and in-plant print production facilities. The BPM is a sheet-converting system that allows users to automatically divide large, parent-sized printed sheets into intermediate, form-sized or final-sized sheets inline at process speed, between their printer/press and C.P. Bourg finisher. This breakthrough automated solution dramatically reduces page-imaging costs by allowing users to print multiple pages of a document on less expensive large sheets, thus eliminating the inefficient and expensive manual labour used to hand-process those large sheets into smaller usable sizes on a guillotine cutter prior to finishing.

This BPM automates traditional perfect-binding and booklet-making workflows by significantly decreasing manufacturing time and costs. The BPM Module can function with 2-up or 4-up page production workflows and is fully scalable – so if the desired output isn’t achievable using a single preparation module, a second BPM may be docked inline with the first. This expandability allows users to deploy multiple additional functions on the second unit for greater manufacturing flexibility.

Options for these additional functions include:

  • Bleed Trimming – Two independently adjustable slitting wheels can remove up to 100 mm or 4” of material from the head and foot of the sheet as it passes through the paper path.
  • Creasing – A stepper motor-driven scoring cylinder creases the center of each sheet for downstream folding accuracy and precision, eliminating toner cracking or flaking and greatly reducing fold pillowing.
  • Chop Cutting – A rotary cutter divides the passing sheet in half creating two equal sized sheets for finishing.
  • Buckle Folding – An Automated fold plate allows a single sheet to be folded in half.
  • Sheet Ejection – Unnecessary or excess sheets may be discarded into a reject tray prior to finishing.

Inline, offline, dual mode, JDF and bi-directional operation

James Tressler.

The BPM was designed to be deployed in one of three operational modes: Inline, docked between the printer and desired finisher; offline, docked between the Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF) and desired finisher; or in Dual Mode, docked inline with the printer and Bourg Sheet Feeder, allowing the system to operate either inline or offline, depending on job details. The BPM is also JDF-compliant, allowing users to configure product functions precisely as they require. Each unit has the ability to operate bi-directionally, as either a left-to-right or a right-to-left paper path direction, and supports production toner, inkjet or liquid electro-ink print engines from multiple manufacturers. “Productivity is the key requirement in production finishing today,” said James Tressler, Vice President of Sales for C.P. Bourg. “The BPM sets a new standard in finishing workflow automation. Our users are eliminating costly procedures and wasteful touch points in their manufacturing processes which, in turn, are making them more profitable and more competitive in the marketplace.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.