Dispa Recyclable Graphic Display Paperboard comes to Canada

Dispa Graphic Display Paperboard sample.

3A Composites’ Dispa Graphic Display Paperboard is a uniquely laminated paper that’s 100% recyclable and is now available in the Americas. It consists of a patented, embossed-formed paper core that’s laminated on both sides with a bright white smooth surface. “This unique composition makes this paperboard lightweight yet extremely rigid, strong and dimensionally stable,” said the manufacturer.

Signs created with Dispa stay flat yet are easy to handle and hang. Dispa is manufactured with 100% FSC-certified paper that’s fully recyclable. Its flat, smooth surface offers excellent printability in both digital and screen-printing applications, and is available in 48” and 60” widths for large-format printing. It’s easy to fabricate, even with hand tools, can be die-cut and CNC-routed, and is ideal for pre-printed, double-sided offset-litho sheet lamination. The new substrate is aimed at short-term promotional campaigns, POS and POP displays, hanging signs, window displays, tradeshow displays and exhibits, 3D displays, and high-end packaging.

3A Composites develops, manufactures and markets high-quality aluminum composite panels, structural composite materials, plastic sheets and lightweight foam boards. 3A Composites has offices and manufacturing operations in 27 locations in Europe, the Americas and Asia, with approximately 4,000 employees.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.