Graphics Canada launches Automation & Workflow Pavilion and Turbo Talks

New this year at Graphics Canada, and free with your show badge, the Automation & Workflow Pavilion and Turbo Talks will feature two days of informative, non-stop sessions. The 15-minute to 20-minute sessions presented by leading automation, workflow, colour management and integration suppliers, will be conveniently located on the show floor in the Workflow Automation Pavilion. The Graphics Canada tradeshow is the largest event in the country for the printing and graphic arts industry, taking place Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 11, 12 and 13, 2019, at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Road in Mississauga, Ontario.

Workflow automation is not only for the large printers. During these sessions, small and medium-sized printers will discover how workflow automation can help them gain a competitive edge and print faster, smarter and better. Plus, learn why automation is definitely the future for print – and what print providers need to do to prepare to embrace the technology. The sessions will take place Thursday, April 11 and will be repeated Friday April 12, 2019. Here’s the schedule:

10:30 am: Deliver Winning Print Services (with Maxim Heyndrickx of Enfocus). Enfocus builds software to deliver winning print services. PitStop and Switch are the automation ingredients for your success.

Devin Abramowitz.

11 am: The Future of Flexo: Automated On-Press Quality Control (with Devin Abramowitz of Techkon). Techkon’s SpectroVision inline print quality solution addresses the three biggest issues that contribute to higher production costs and lost profits for narrow and medium web flexo and packaging printers. Operating at press speeds up to 1,000 feet per minute, SpectroVision combines spectral-based colour measurement, web viewing and ISO/ANSI style bar code grading into a single product.

11:30 am: Packaging Innovation Accelerated (with Dino Loiselle of Hybrid Software). Native PDF workflows for digital and conventional label and packaging production.

Noon: Unleash the Power of Imposition and Finishing Automation (with Andrew Dumas of Ultimate TechnoGraphics). Automation drives results. Optimize your pre-press and post-press processes by linking both together in a unique workflow.

12:30 pm: Digital Packaging Mock-Ups at the Speed of Imagination (with Heath Luetkens of Creative Edge Software). Learn how you can create and visualize your packaging using 3D tools from iC3D.

1 pm: Automation Checklist (with Mark Andersen of EPMS). This will be a brief introduction to EPMS and how to streamline your operation with a Print MIS system.

Susan Moore.

1:30 pm: How to Prepare Yourself for Future Automation (with Susan Moore of Tharstern). This session will tell you why automation is the future for print, and what print providers need to do to prepare to have a successful automated workflow.

2 pm: Connected Colour – Efficiently doing more with less (with Erik Schmitt of GMG Color). This session will explore how to automatically achieve consistent repeatable and the highest quality results regardless of printing process – all while saving valuable time, materials and ink.

Marc Raad.

2:30 pm: Automation is a Trustworthy Path (with Marc Raad of Significans Automation).This presentation will show how to build the infamous “Easy Button” where the operator will become the “control tower” manager of automation, and for the odd time when automation cannot accomplish the job, the skills of the operator are utilized in a standard operating procedure to put files back through the established conditional workflow.

3 pm: Walking the Line of Quality Control (with Dalia Chidoub of Global Vision). Understanding why it’s important to proofread your work, and the implications it has on our long-term goals as an organization. Exploring ways to streamline the quality control process throughout your entire workflow to save time, spend less money and remain sustainable for our planet.

3:30 pm: Packaging Connected (with Igor Pavlesen of Esko). This is an introduction to the Esko platform that empowers the entire packaging supply chain in connected workflow for brands, packaging and label converters, trade shops and sign makers, to reduce cost and accelerate growth.

4 pm: PrintVIS – Microsoft’s Vision of Digital Transformation (with Sabre Limited). Representatives from Sabre Limited will discuss Microsoft’s vision of the digital transformation taking place in today’s printing industry.

Leading suppliers in this area include Enfocus, Significans, Tharstern, Ultimate Technographics, GMG Color, Techkon, Hybrid Software, Global Vision, Creative Edge, EPMS, Esko and PrintVIS.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.