Creative Edge launches new modular packaging design solutions

Nick Gilmore.

UK-based Creative Edge Software, developer of iC3D packaging design software, has introduced iC3D Designer and iC3D Modeller. Both offer easy 3D design and a “first-of-its-kind” custom modelling capability. The new software is aimed at those with limited experience in 3D design, or those wanting to develop their skills in easy, step-by-step stages. “Today’s iC3D is so feature-rich, that some designers don’t need all their sophisticated capabilities,” said Nick Gilmore, Creative Edge CEO. “Both new solutions are affordable for individual designers and growing businesses alike. Created to complement Adobe Illustrator, Esko Studio and other third-party software, they can be learned quickly on the job, eliminating the need to keep having to learn new technologies later on.” The iC3D Designer facilitates better 3D presentation material while saving time and avoiding errors involving collaboration and approvals. It can also be used with other iC3D modules, including large-scale “hands-free” 3D rendering production. The iC3D Modeller is for designers wanting to create sophisticated or unique models from their own desktops. Combining “all the features required for experimenting with packaging shapes,” it offers an inexpensive, easy-to-use design tool for Adobe Illustrator designers and Esko Studio users. Key features including UVW Editor, Point Editor and Bump Displacement, allow custom designing of containers with elements such as trigger sprays, caps and ring pulls – and can be used for designing in plastic, metal, glass, paper or carton (and also with liquid).


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.