Color-Logic donates Touch7 Photo Software to Ryerson University

Mark Geeves.

Color-Logic (West Chester, Ohio) has donated more than 150 copies of its Touch7 Photo ECG Software to Toronto’s Ryerson University for use in its School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM) colour management curriculum. “The Ryerson Graphic Communications Management Program provides students with hands-on workshops and real-world workflow and colour-management experience,” said Mark Geeves, Color-Logic’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Offset and flexographic press manufacturers, as well as those producing digital presses, now offer Extended Color Management inksets – and printers are beginning to offer them to clients. Experience with Touch7 Photo ECG Software will enable Ryerson graduates to step immediately into technology positions in the packaging and commercial printing industry.”

Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management in Toronto offers the only four-year degree-granting program in Canada that’s focused on the printing and graphic communications industries. With a mixture of technical and business courses, as well as a focus on engagement with the industry, Ryerson students graduate with the necessary expertise in consumer product packaging, marketing materials, signage and print media across Canada and around the world.

Christopher Smyth.

Ryerson Graphic Communications Management Assistant Professor Christopher Smyth added: “Color-Logic’s generous support provides Ryerson students with an excellent opportunity to develop hands-on knowledge and creativity with extended colour gamut projects. Touch7 has a clear, user-friendly interface which, together with the ability to adjust and customize the results, makes it an excellent approach to projects using fixed ink sets.”

Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer Richard Ainge (co-founder of Color-Logic and developer of Touch7, also commenting on the donation, said: “Touch7 Photo ECG Software enables graphic designers and pre-press personnel to incorporate Extended Color Gamut ink sets into their images with a single mouse click within Adobe Photoshop.

Unlike other Extended Color Gamut systems that use destination/press profiles to separate images, the Touch7 Photo ECG Plugin works intelligently at the pixel level, automatically isolating and separating the desired touch plates for Extended Color Gamut printing. The final conversion adds as many as three additional spot colours to the designer’s original image format. Touch7 Photo ECG does not require ICC profiles to extract Extended Color Gamut separations – the proprietary separation algorithms calculate the effect based on the original source information,” Ainge added.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.