ISA releases Strategic Insight Paper on extended reality

Jonathan Josephson.

The International Sign Association (ISA – Alexandria, Virginia) has released its second Strategic Insight Paper, Extended Reality: Expanding the Definition of Sign Interaction, which explores the impact of mixed/extended/augmented/virtual reality. The new paper was authored by Jonathan Josephson, founder of Quantum Interface. It’s the second in a series of papers that explores products and ideas on the leading edge of technology that may bring significant changes to the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. The ISA added that, in the world of signs, graphics and visual communications, possibilities now include elements that move, respond and react when a person looks toward them. “Static signs come to life with added layers of information seen through smartphones, car windshields and the like,” said the organization. Josephson explains the technology and its implications in this new technical paper.

Josephson is the former head of the planning department for Austin, Texas, and brings an in-depth understanding of the sign, graphics and visual communications industry. He offers a unique perspective of these emerging technologies and how they have the potential to change the products we produce, how we produce them, and how customers view and/or interact with signage. Extended Reality is part of a series of insights that ISA will be offering as part of its 75th anniversary celebration. The first, Nanomaterials: Giant Changes Coming from the Tiniest of Materials, was written by Dexter Johnson, Senior Science Editor/Analyst for the Graphene Council. It explores nanomaterials and their potential uses in protective applications, thin-film electronics (i.e. flexible displays and electronics), digital displays, pigments for inks and paper, and was released earlier this year. Additional Strategic Insight Papers will be released throughout the coming year, said the ISA.

Extended Reality: Expanding the Definition of Sign Interaction, is available for $24.95 (USD) to ISA members and Affiliated Association members, and $99.95 for non-members. It can be accessed at


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.