PPC releases redesigned logo and website

The Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC – Springfield, MA) has revealed a new brand direction, logo and website – all designed around the idea of a “new conversation.” Now in its 90th year, PPC is the North American association for converters of paperboard packaging and their suppliers. PPC works to grow, promote and protect the paperboard packaging industry while providing its members with resources and tools to compete successfully in today’s challenging marketplace. With a clean editorial style and inclusion of community resources, PPC’s revamped website aims to facilitate dialogue between members and the packaging industry at large. PPC’s new design direction began with a re-imagined logo. Reflecting a constructed folding carton or rigid box, the logo has confident straight lines and bold, natural colours. The open corner not only represents a flap closure (a common structural element of paperboard packaging), but also the creativity of packaging designers. The openness of the top portion also means that the logo will take on or “package” the background on which it’s placed.

Taking cues from the new logo, the website re-design is also visually inviting. In recogintion of the printing industry, the site includes graphic embellishments such as a center mark and colour bar to divide its sections. Scrolling through the home page, content blocks bridge into different discussion points and topics – all of which ultimately tell the story of PPC. Three green dots, like an ellipsis in each content block, signal that the conversation has just begun. As part of that modern conversation, PPC wanted to give voice to, and create dialogue between, the diverse communities that make up PPC’s membership. The site also features Communities of Interest sections throughout. “Whether you’re a new leader, a rigid box manufacturer, a woman in leadership, a newcomer to the industry, a packaging student, or a teacher, PPC’s website provides place to connect and engage,” said the organization.

Ben Markens.

“We’re excited to tell a story of community, connection and belonging in our new website,” said Ben Markens, PPC President. “After all, that’s the heart of association. PPC brings converters of paperboard packaging together to solve problems and grow professionally. We’ve optimized the website to facilitate those crucial conversations.” Another notable feature is the Industry Voice, a dynamic platform where the community can access PPC’s content. Blogs, positioning statements, feature articles and other forms of content are categorized and searchable by topics – such as sustainability, advocacy, trends, community and members-only content. Other features include events and progams sections, a find-a-member directory, and a robust member centre that houses exclusive content and timely announcements. To experience PPC’s new website, logo and brand direction, please visit www.paperbox.org.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.