Xerox unveils Baltoro HF Inkjet Press with automated intelligence

Xerox’s new Baltoro HF Production Inkjet Press delivers 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality.
Tracey Koziol.

Xerox’s new Baltoro HF Inkjet Press is a cut-sheet production press that enables clients to print high-volume, transactional work, high-quality direct mail and catalogues on a single press with superior image quality and productivity, said the OEM. The Baltoro HF is Xerox’s first press using this particular platform. “We engineered the Baltoro HF by leveraging the best of our iGen and High Fusion inkjet technologies,” said Tracey Koziol, Senior Vice President of Global Offerings at Xerox. “The result is a breakthrough platform that expands into the commercial print environment and supports high-quality production with economics similar to offset printing. Designing and manufacturing the Baltoro HF, from the frame to the engine, gives us a greater ability to continuously advance the platform at a faster clip.”

Xerox added that the Baltoro HF is the only press in the entry-level class to use automated intelligence to optimize and maintain colour and image quality, in addition to self-correcting in real-time. The press’ automated intelligence, along with its High Fusion ink and Xerox High Fusion W-Series inkjet printheads, delivers true high-definition 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality without the need to condition media with priming solutions or precoats. Eliminating the priming solution reduces press size, power consumption and total cost of ownership while increasing productivity. The Baltoro HF also offers additional time-saving advantages. Its speed, paired with having the widest print area in its class, enables the press to increase client productivity by more than 115%, said Xerox. On the front end, Xerox’s FreeFlow Core automates time-consuming prepress work, while Xerox FreeFlow Print Server allows users to add new jobs while the press is running. The Baltoro HF is now available for order taking globally.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.