Karstedt Partners to release its first report: Benchmarking Digital Printing in Corrugated Packaging

Karstedt Partners (Eden, New York), with the assistance of participating converters, has collected data on the approximately 33 single-pass and 70 multi-pass presses installed in North America. The data assesses market impact, value created and the challenges faced in launching a digital operation. “The introduction and adoption of single-pass digital printing has dramatically accelerated digital capacity in North America. Currently unknown, but a central focus for the study, is the demand stream against that capacity,” said the company. Its first report will be titled Benchmarking Digital Printing in Corrugated Packaging.

Karstedt Partners will be releasing three separate studies over the next 12 months “benchmarking” the impact of digital printing on corrugated packaging. Reports one and three will provide converter feedback. Report two will focus on supplier feedback and development efforts. Topics to be addressed will include:

  • The installed capacity versus actual converter shipments – are the presses being utilized? And what does the future forecast look like?
  • How does the type of converting operation, business size, applications and customer base impact digital adoption, ramp-up and deployment.
  • What are the challenges in establishing a digital operation?
  • What value is being created? Is digital printing creating new demand or replacing analogue demand?

Who should subscribe to the reports?

  • Converters evaluating a digital investment.
  • Converters looking to connect to digital printing rather than invest in digital printing.
    Current suppliers, as well as new suppliers looking to connect to the packaging market including:
  • Printing equipment manufacturers (digital as well as analogue).
  • Ink and coating manufacturers.
  • Converting equipment manufacturers.
  • Suppliers of pre-press equipment and supplies.
  • Software suppliers.
  • Paper suppliers.
  • Litho laminate and label suppliers.

“Digital printing is here, and with this new research the impact is finally measurable,” said the company. “The reports provide timely, actionable data. Plus, as a subscriber, your company will have the opportunity to address converter concerns surfaced in the first report, in addition to highlighting your company’s development efforts for corrugated packaging.”

For more information please visit www.karstedt.com/


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.