StickerYou installs SEAL 62Pro S Laminator from GBC Canada

StickerYou storefront in Toronto.

Launched this week and featuring a massive three-storey “stickerbombed” storefront graphic, Toronto e-commerce start-up StickerYou is characterizing its new bricks-and-mortar store located on Dufferin Street in the Queen Street West area of Toronto as “the world’s largest sticker store.” Founded in 2008 by current President Andrew Witkin, StickerYou is one of Canada’s leaders in e-commerce customization, start-ups, marketing and the tech economy. The company is known for producing custom products –  stickers, labels, window decals, wall murals, magnets and more. The company was using an old laminator that had skewing issues, which often led to prints being ruined at the laminator. Also, laminate adhesives weren’t bonding properly to the media, creating a lot of silvering. StickerYou was reluctant in using heat assist technology because they had little confidence in the laminator.

GBC Canada offered StickerYou the SEAL 62Pro S Laminator as the best solution, since it came with heat assist leading to high quality output. It offered several key features, including impressive speeds and large capacity.

GBC’s SEAL 62Pro S Laminator.

The SEAL 62Pro S is a 61″-wide mounting laminator and encapsulator offering industrial performance at exceptional value, with fully adjustable top-roller temperature, speed and pressure settings. The 62Pro S is also ETL Certified in Canada. After a successful demonstration illustrating the laminator’s ease of use, lack of skewing issues and overall exceptional and repeatable results, StickerYou management decided to purchase the laminator before their grand opening on Monday, August 12.

“The SEAL 62Pro S has made a big difference in the way we laminate,” said Ward Stewart, Director Production Operations at StickerYou. “We particularly liked the fully adjustable temperature of the top roller on the laminator. Utilizing and adjusting the top roller temperature, along with its speed and pressure settings, we’re now at a true production pace. With the new SEAL unit, we’re now able to laminate 200-foot rolls in a roll-to-roll application – something we simply couldn’t achieve before.”



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.