Sun Chemical launches SolarVerse UV Flexo Ink Concentrates

Sun Chemical will use Labelexpo Europe 2019 (September 24 to 27 in Brussels, Belgium) as a platform for the global launch of its SolarVerse – a range of highly pigmented, low-viscosity, multi-purpose UV flexo-base concentrates designed to be easily dispensed through standard UV flexo dispensers while offering users significant benefits in terms of cost savings and flexibility. By blending a SolarVerse base concentrate with a specific, optimized technology varnish, different,finished-ink profiles can be produced, ready for use on-press in whatever colour specified. As SolarVerse bases are formulated with materials suitable for migration-compliant applications when mixed with the appropriate technology varnish, the single-base range is also ideal for UV flexo food packaging and label applications. With the same SolarVerse base concentrates being used for each ink profile, colour consistency is also maintained regardless of the end print use, said Sun Chemical.

Sun Chemical will also be introducing a new concept for food-compliant UV flexo products within its SolarVerse range under the brand name SolarFlex Zero. Thietechnology has been shown to achieve exceptionally low odour and low migration characteristics in food-compliant label and packaging applications. Sun Chemical said it will be making this available for market validation in the coming months. The company will also showcase its latest range of UV LED curing SolarWave flexo and SunWave offset inks. The offset inks are suitable for use on all sheetfed UV LED press types (including those equipped with low-energy mercury lamps)and deliver leading lithographic performance that helps printers to achieve increased productivity. SolarWave FSP UV LED flexo food-compliant inks are available as finished inks or as part of the SolarVerse system through a dedicated UV LED technology varnish. The inks demonstrate all the capabilities of conventional UV flexo inks when cured under suitable UV LED curing systems, Sun Chemical added.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.