First-ever LeadingPRINT CEO Summit to tackle “overcoming what sucks about your business”

The Association for Print Technologies (APTech) is launching its inaugural LeadingPRINT CEO Summit at PRINT19, the print industry’s longest running industry tradeshow October 3-5 at McCormick Place North in Chicago, Illinois. Its provocative theme of “overcoming what sucks about your business” will feature a panel of leading CEOs who are successfully navigating today’s difficult printing industry landscape.

Thayer Long.

“Let’s be honest, in our industry it’s easier to look back fondly at the ‘good old days’ than to constantly be adapting to today’s challenges. All of our programs, from LeadingPRINT to the upcoming PRINT19, are all about looking forward,” said Thayer Long, President of show organizer APTech. These CEOs will include: Jon Buddington, CEO, More Vang; Gina Danner, CEO, NextPage; and Tom Moe, President, Daily Printing. The moderator will be Mark Potter, CEO at Conduit. The summit will take place on October 4 from noon to 1:30 pm. “We’re looking forward to a frank discussion on how other print industry leaders can overcome the harsh realities of running a business,” Long added. “An open forum centered on staffing, insurance, regulations, cash flow, and evolving technologies will hopefully open minds to new ways of running and improving businesses.”

Jon Buddington.

“The industry isn’t going back to the way it was, but I believe there’s a bright future for print. It isn’t going to be delivered to us on a silver platter; we’re going to have to deliver it to ourselves,” said Jon Budington, CEO at More Vang. The LeadingPRINT CEO Summit is an extension of the organization’s LeadingPRINT magazine and content platform into live events, and is designed to bring insight, tools, best-practices and entrepreneurial success stories to a wider and more diverse audience. “The panelists at this summit are on the ‘A’ list of forward-thinking print service creators,” said Mark Potter, CEO of Conduit. “Each brings a unique methodology to how they’ve continued to build a business in a contracting industry, and they’ve each committed to talking about what makes running a print business suck and why they still love it.” Those looking to learn more about the LeadingPRINT CEO Summit can contact Thayer Long at


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.