Idealliance certifies Landa S10 Nanographic Press

Landa S10 Nanographic Press.

Idealliance (Alexandria, Virginia) has awarded Digital Press System Certification to the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press in conjunction with the Landa DFE (Digital Front End) to demonstrate the system’s premier capabilities in all print production supply chains – according to globally recognized standards in printing, packaging and publishing “through the most intensive evaluation of a print engine and digital front end available for systems in printing and packaging,” said Idealliance. The Idealliance Digital Press System Certification is the industry benchmark in quality, reliability and repeatability across all aspects of digital printing meeting the most stringent demands for a versatile list of applications including flexible packaging, folding carton and commercial print.

Jordan Gorski of Idealliance.

“As a certified digital press system, the Landa press system certification cements the systems status as a proven, powerful solution for all print markets,” said Jordan Gorski Vice President of Global Certification Programs at Idealliance. “Capable of meeting the extensive requirements defined in the Idealliance Digital Press System program, the Landa S10 with Landa DFE excels in all aspects of print production to serve print suppliers to contribute to their bottom line, and profitability to serve the stringent demands of print buyers across a wide array of segments for packaging and commercial printing.”

The Digital Press System Certification by Idealliance certifies the capabilities of commercial digital press devices to meet strict production requirements including a specified Characterized Reference Print Conditions (CRPC). For this certification and exhaustive independent third-party analysis, the Landa S10 was certified to GRACoL 2013 – CRPC6, one of seven ISO/PAS 15339 CRPCs, all of which have been created using G7 methodology to align the global print and packaging supply chains. G7 aligns Print Anywhere, with one calibration, one separation, one file, and one aim point as the industry-leading set of specifications for achieving near-neutral gray balance across all print technology.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.