QuarkXPress Mac App adds helpful new features

Quark Software (Denver, Colorado) recently announced the official availability of new features within the QuarkXPress app, available exclusively through the Mac App Store. This update of Quark’s graphic design and page-layout software for creative professionals introduces Flex Layouts and an overhauled Table Model as well as a range of new customer-requested features.
Flex Layouts for responsive web design. “A first for digital design for graphic designers,” Flex Layouts is a new layout space that lets designers create responsive HTML5 web pages in a WYSIWIG environment. Flex Layouts don’t require HTML or CSS coding skills, which means that graphic designers can start designing for the web immediately. QuarkXPress already enables the creation of interactive mobile apps, eBooks and web publications, which means the availability of Flex Layouts “pushes the digital publishing capabilities of QuarkXPress even further,”  said the company.
A Powerful New Table Model. Another new feature added to the QuarkXPress Mac App is a completely “re-imagined” Table Model that introduces new styling rules for table, row, column and cell-level formatting, along with text styling rules. Designers can apply table styles to any table – those created directly in QuarkXPress or an auto-imported table from Excel. What’s more, if changes are made to the source Excel table, the data is updated in QuarkXPress without impacting the table design.

Additional new features in the QuarkXPress Mac App Include:

• Professional Image Export
• Complete PDF Accessibility Support
• Performance Boost
• Spring-Loaded Cursor
• 9-Point Reference Grid
• Auto Growing Text Boxes
• Enhanced Paragraph Formatting
• Directional Spine Alignment
• Easy Access to Merge Shapes
• Enhanced Border Formatting Control
• Enhanced Retina Support
Current Mac App subscribers can update their existing app to unlock all the newest features available at no additional cost. New users can download the QuarkXPress App and purchase a monthly or yearly subscription exclusively through the Mac App Store to ensure continuous access to the most current version of QuarkXPress throughout duration of the subscription. Finally, a demo version is available to try out all the features and functionality before purchase.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.