Roland unveils VersaUV LEF2-300 Benchtop Flatbed Printer

Roland DGA’s new 30-inch VersaUV LEF2-300 Benchtop Flatbed Printer adds new features and efficiencies.

Roland DGA (Irvine, California), a leading provider of wide-format printers, printer/cutters and other advanced digital imaging devices, has announced the launch of its new, compact, 30-inch VersaUV LEF2-300 Benchtop Flatbed Printer. This next-generation LEF2 boasts all the advanced features of the OEM’s 20-inch model released earlier this year, while also delivering 1.5 times the print area and printing speed. The LEF2-300 also incorporates new efficiencies, convenience, and maintenance functions that raise overall performance to a higher level, the company added. Like all Roland LEF series of flatbed printers, the LEF2-300 can print directly on virtually any substrate or three-dimensional object up to 3.94 inches thick, making it ideal for a wide range of product-customization applications. The LEF2-300 uses Roland’s specially formulated ECO-UV inks in CMYK, as well as gloss and white inks that allow users to add specialty finishes, realistic textures, or 3D effects for additional customization. With its larger 30.3” (W) x 12.9” (D) x 3.9” (H) print area and higher-volume output, the new printer is “an expansive solution that fits the productivity needs of growing businesses,” said the OEM.

The LEF2-300 uses UV-LED lamps to instantly cure ink on the surface of materials with UV light – allowing photos, graphics and fine text to be printed onto PVC, plastics, canvas, wood, leather, fabric, and other materials “with unsurpassed print quality.” Roland’s specially formulated ECO-UV inks are designed for flexibility, and can be used on curved and 3D objects, as well as a wide variety of materials, without cracking. “The new enhancements make customizing or personalizing everything – from plaques and giftware to golf balls and smartphone covers – quicker, easier and more cost-effective than ever,” the company added. A Start Timer Function completes printhead cleaning set-up and white-ink circulation automatically by a user’s designated start time, while a positioning fixture makes it easy to align items on the print table. For greater maintenance efficiency and convenience, the LEF2-300 includes a new cleaning system that helps maximize printer reliability and reduce ink consumption during maintenance procedures. The new printer is also equipped with a safe, see-through cover that prevents dust from settling onto the surface of materials while printing. Additional new LEF2-300 features include a Multiple Print Function that allows users to print the same data again with the touch of a control panel button, and a Printer Status Monitor for checking the operating status of multiple printers in real time. The printer also comes with VersaWorks 6 software – Roland’s most powerful, user-friendly RIP to date – with 64-bit processing, advanced RIP capabilities, useful cropping, tiling and nesting tools, and muh more.

“The new VersaUV LEF2-300, along with our recently launched LEF2-200 flatbed, usher in a new era of customization performance,” said Jay Roberts, Roland DGA Product Manager of UV Printers. “Built to help users expand their product offerings, build their businesses, and increase profits, the LEF2-300 is an excellent choice for those looking to create a vast array of customized and personalized products quickly and easily, while also maximizing production capability, efficiency and profitability.”



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.