Wisner joins Prime Data as Vice President of Business Development

Jim Wisner.

Prime Data (Aurora, Ontario) has welcomed industry veteran Jim Wisner to its team as Vice President of Business Development. Wisner is highly respected in the printing and direct-marketing industries and has worked with clients across almost every vertical – including NFPs, financial, consumer goods and services, teclo and tech. His exceptional knowledge and expertise of how direct mail fits as a channel in the changing digital marketing landscape will be a valuable asset to Prime Data moving forward.

“I’m inspired by Prime Data’s unique approach to marketing challenges,” Wisner said. “Now I have a new, industry-leading approach to offer my clients. I can’t wait to share these benefits. It leverages the value of immediacy and automation to send the fastest, most personalized and valuable mail I know of.” As well as developing some of North America’s most successful direct-marketing strategies, Wisner has assumed a leadership role for over 25 years in the Direct Marketing Association of Canada, and has been active in the National Association of Major Mail Users (NAMMU), the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and the U.S. Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Steve Falk.

“Jim’s got that rare gift – the ability to see marketing communications from a thousand feet – but also understand the details,” said Steve Falk, President of Prime Data. “He’s the right person to share the benefits of our new automated direct-mail services. We’re excited for him to scale up our list of successful clients who add these new strategies to their marketing stack.”

Prime Data, a recent winner of a coveted 2019 Employee Recommended Workplace Award, has been providing data-driven marketing solutions to its clients for almost 20 years. The company focuses on the high value created when data is combined with full-colour dynamic printing to bring the personalized experience to printed mail that consumers have come to expect from tablets, phones and screens. Serving businesses and not-for-profits like hospitals and environmental groups, Prime Data invests in the latest technology to create easy, economical multi-channel marketing. The company’s RevenueDriver uses integrated marketing technology to drive e-commerce and not-for-profit fundraising revenue. Prime Data helps companies increase revenue, and fundraisers raise more money, using its client and donor data. Users get better results because Prime Data helps them to deliver the most compelling messages at the right time. In an ironic twist, its so-called “secret weapon” is actually personalized printed mail delivered to homes around the globe using a unique approach that takes the best aspects of digital marketing, while giving it the power of physical mail to deliver exceptional results.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.