St. Jude installs Ultima 65 EZload Laminator from GBC Canada

Judy Brosseau, St. Jude School Secretary, with the Ultima 65 EZload Laminator from GBC Canada.

St. Jude Elementary School, part of the Riverside School Board located on the south shore of Montreal, has purchased a GBC Ultima 65 EZload Laminator from GBC Canada (Mississauga, Ontario). St. Jude offers various academic programs ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6, as well as full daycare services. The school had an older laminator and was looking to replace it with one that was both faster and much easier to use. EZload film technology is designed so that anyone can load the film and produce accurately laminated output. Teachers at the school are constantly laminating various projects, posters and flashcards as learning tools for their students. These learning tools need to be preserved and protected. Lamination projects are often completed between classes and coffee breaks, or whenever educators have a spare moment. “We’re very happy with the GBC Ultima 65 EZ laminator,” said Judy Brosseau, School Secretary. “The fact that there’s an automatic mode is really helpful. Even a non-experienced operator can achieve perfect lamination. It has really made lamination foolproof. This feature is especially important for us, as parent volunteers can do lamination as well,” she added.

The GBC 27-inch Ultima 65 EZload Laminator comes with several user-friendly features and can be used with both standard Nap I and Ultima 65 EZload Film. Its film rolls use an innovative colour-coding system to ensure accurate and easier loading. The laminator’s pivoting feed table eliminates the need to remove the table when replacing film, further simplifying the film-changing process. Its AutoSpeed function automatically adjusts the laminating speed. An additional stop button on the back of the laminator lets users stop the machine while watching the job’s output. Other user-friendly features include lighter AutoGrip shafts for easy loading of standard film, a built-in trimmer for quick film cutting, a footage counter to track film usage, slow forward and reverse and standby functions.



Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.