The Best of Bindery – Part 9: Pinhole perforating

Pinhole perforating is one of the most overlooked, yet simple, ways of professional finishing. In pinhole perforating, round “holes” of paper are actually removed. Some of the most common applications include postage stamps, coupons, wraps, tear-off panels, corner tears and more.

Pinhole perforating can be done in parallel or at right angles on stock weights from 20-lb. bond to 100-lb. coated, using smooth-surface sheets as large as 20” wide. The process can also be used on pressure-sensitive stocks. In general, the holes are all one fixed size and their spacing is also fixed. To my knowledge, pinhole perforating is done exactly the same around the world. It’s an inexpensive, added-value process that gets immediate attention, and is especially ideal for differentiating business cards. I’ve included some common examples below.

Corner Tears




Tear-Off Panels



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