PIA Launches Process Control Fundamentals in its iLearning Center

Printing Industries of America (PIA) has announced the launch of its new Process Control Fundamentals Course in its online iLearning Center. Process control is a crucial function ensuring that a system is constant, predictable and continually operating at optimum performance with only normal variations. In the printing industry, process control is the cornerstone of any successful colour-managed workflow. This course methodically delves into all the necessary tools, targets and techniques for implementing process control successfully in a production workflow. The new course covers:

  • What process control is and why it’s important for colour management.
  • How to establish consistency in colour viewing.
  • Measurement devices and instrument standards.
  • Process control on press, tools and requirements.
  • Process control in computer-to-plate, tools and requirements.
  • Process control in proofing, tools and requirements.
  • Implementation and getting buy-ins and support from management and staff.
Joe Marin.

For more information about the iLearning Center, please visit www.printing.org/ilearning.

Or, contact Joe Marin, Vice President of Education & Training at Printing Industries of America, at jmarin@printing.org.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.