Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends unveils new study on print-finishing trends

German Sacristan.

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends (Weymouth, MA) has completed a new primary research study titled Market Trends in Print Finishing. In this new research, printers were surveyed across North America and Western Europe, and provided insights into operations, purchasing patterns and business and sales strategies. “The finishing of documents is imperative to improve the functionality, quality and overall value of the printed product – and yet the topic rarely receives the attention it deserves,” said German Sacristan, Director of the Production Print and Media Group at Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends. “Our research focuses on how end users are addressing the different types of finishing issues that they face today, as well as how they can take advantage of the different business opportunities that finishing brings to their businesses in the future.”

The study covers insights and market trends based on three different areas of a printing business. The first area looks at operations and production and provides insights around a print service provider’s production site – such as inline versus offline, outsourcing, automation, applications and finishing types. The second area of research focuses on finishing equipment purchasing buying patterns – such as budgets, timing, buying criteria, processes and brand loyalty. The third component of the study consists of business and sales insights and strategies– including finishing services growth/decline, won/lost reasons, unique selling points, profits and costs. To learn more about Market Trends in Print Finishing, please contact


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.