Ryerson’s Batista becomes first Idealliance Certified Colour Management Professional under its new higher education program

Alexandra Batista.

Idealliance (Alexandria, Virginia) has created a higher education membership program in order to directly support the future of the graphic communications industry globally, by providing access to all online certification courses at a membership cost that’s essentially an administrative cost only – and provides free access to everything that Idealliance has to offer. These courses normally cost from $395 to $999 each. Under the new program, students, professors, faculty and anyone working in a vocational, higher education or educational/technical school print operation, gets total access to all Idealliance courses (and everything that Idealliance produces) at no cost to them.

Alexandra Batista, a senior student at Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management in Toronto, who will soon graduate with a BTech Degree in Graphic Communications Management, upon hearing of this opportunity, immediately enrolled in the Idealliance Colour Management Professional certification. She took the online courses in the evenings after school, and on February 11, 2020, became the first student at Ryerson University to pass the exam and become an Idealliance Certified Colour Management Professional. Ryerson officials added: “Alexandra is one of the many great representatives of the new generation of motivated, professional students who jumped at the opportunity to add another qualification to her degree. Well done, Alex – and thank you, Idealliance, for a great partnership with print programs in colleges and universities.”

Ryerson University’s School of Graphic Communications Management (GCM) is the largest program of its kind in North America and is currently celebrating 72 years in making a tremendous developmental impact on the future of our great industry, said Idealliance. The unique GCM course combines graphic communications with business, engineering and technology, so that students who graduate have a robust knowledge base well beyond simply graphic communications. GCM receives over 1,000 applications each year from students representing all demographic groups from around the world. It places an incredibly strong emphasis on hands-on learning and student engagement, in addition to extremely successful extracurricular student and mentorship programs. Ryerson University also has a global presence, a strong student base from all over the world, and 133 partner universities in 37 countries around the world.


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.